Top 5 Best SEO Tools for Website

Top 5 Best SEO Tools for Website

Do you have a website and you want to increase the traffic to your website? Well believe me a proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) done with the help of the best online SEO tools, can bring a dramatic change in the increase of the organic traffic to your website, and if you are good at this then you can easily get a Digital Marketing Job. For doing that you will need the help of the best SEO checker tools that will work best for your website. Let us first discuss the concept a bit.


What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which can be understood as the process of getting organic or free traffic from the Search results in the search engine in a natural way. It is done to help your website rank at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) when someone searches for any keyword that is related to your website, so that you can get the maximum organic traffic.


If you have just started optimizing your site, it can be hard for you at the beginning. But there are different SEO checker tools available in the market that will make this task very easy for you, from targeting the right keyword to filtering the targeted traffic to even analyze your competitors and their moves.


SEO checker tools can be very useful to rank your website at the top of the SERP. And with the continuous growth of the IT Industry, the job opportunity in this field is also continuously rising. So without any further delay let us discuss the best online SEO tools available in the market in 2020.


Top 5 SEO tools -


1. Ahrefs Tool :


Ahrefs is one of the most recommended online tools. It is one of the best SEO checker analysis tools with its Site Audit feature. It is the second-largest website crawler after Google. This tool helps you analyze your entire website and provide you with the improvements you can do to your website to rank higher in the SERP.


It also helps you analyse your competitors by providing you with the list of all your competitors backlink from its largest database of backlinks. It also helps with various other aspects like keyword research, rank tracking, competitor research, site auditing, viral content research and much more.


2. Google Search Console :


GSC (Google Search Console) is a great tool if you are just getting started with SEO. It is a very user friendly tool which will help you understand how Google and its traffic visits your webpage and allow you to optimize for better performance in Google search results.


This tool also provides you with valuable information about your website like accessing your site performance and providing with the problems in your website which you can resolve for better performance of your site. It ensures your site to be Google-friendly and monitor Google’s indexing of your site.


3. KWFinder :


The KWFinder tool is a keyword tool that helps you find long-tail keywords with less keyword difficulty. Since the industry is expanding and the future of digital marketing is booming, the number of websites is increasing with an increase in competition among the companies. That means marketers are using long phase keywords which are having less competition to rank their websites. It also provides you with alternate keywords that are related to your keyword, which can help you rank even higher on SERP.


The experts use this tool to find out the best keywords for which they can rank on SERP and analyze all the keyword reports. Its Rank Tracker tool helps you to find out your ranking and improvements based on the key metrics.


4. Moz :


Moz is one of the best online SEO tools. Despite Google changing its algorithm regularly, Moz has always been up to date. It provides you with different features like Page Optimisation which helps you know what you can do to improve the on every single page of your website.


Moz also helps you analyze your competitors and helps you compare yourself with your competitor and optimise yourself to perform better than them. Moz also provides a chrome extension absolutely free so you can see all the important metrics at the top of the site without browsing into it.


5. SEMrush :


SEMrush is trending right now. It lets you easily access your ranking and what changes have occurred in your ranking including the new ranking opportunities. Its Domain vs Domain analysis easily allows you to compare yourself with your competitors.


It allows you to see all your leading articles along with the keywords related to it and all different insights with Organic Traffic Insight features. It's On-Page SEO Checker tool helps you to easily monitor your ranking and also provides you with recommendations to improve your site's performance.


There are many more best online tools available in the market, if you would start to list them, it would never be enough.But before going for an interview the candidates must have knowledge of above tools and must check Interview questions for seo freshers with answers to get hired by the company.


But you should always keep one thing in mind, these tools are just for your help, it can make your work easy but can not co your work itself. All the hard work needs to be done by you, these tools are just for the help.

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