Top 10 BPO questions to crack the interview

Top 10 BPO questions to crack the interview

BPO meaning Business Processing Outsourcing. This is primarily outsourcing to give some part of the workload to hire managers who can do the responsibilities for a cut-down rate or a low-priced. This would allow the companies to bring to bear on the substance of business movement.BPO has its background in the assembling industry, with assembles hiring other companies to manage individual processes, in the same manner with the parts of their source chains beside the point to the core capabilities required to make their end products. It is probably providing different services in every factor of business. As we will be talking about BPO interview questions and answers but before that, there are few questions that every student must prepare for an interview irrespective of their industry.


BPO is divided into some different department:

*Administrative department

*Purchase department

*selling department

*call center



1.Tell me something about yourself

This is the most common question and important tips to crack any interview easily which one interviewer asks from the candidate. At the heels of them are asking not interested to know your history rather check your communication on how you explain yourself in innovative ways. Always remember such an attractive communication is allowing an impression.


2. How does BPO work?

This is one of the BPO interview questions asked by the interviewer to see if the candidate has knowledge about the industry. such organizations are contracting the outsourcing of some established company, they are providing the management, process, back-office, front-office, and handling all the outside parties. These organizations also invest in technology. The duration and payment of that technology solution humbled on the scope of the operation being outsourced and the development of the technical support in place at both enterprises.



3. what is the difference between inbound and outbound?


The purpose of inbound calling is to give a solution to the worried customer and the purpose of outbound an executive convenience customer, to sell something. In a simple way, the inbound process where the calls are landing on a floor made by a customer. On the other hand, calls are made by executive to customer


4. Is the same BPO and KPO?


This is one of the BPO Interview questions asked to the candidate to see his knowledge about the subject. BPO and KPO are not the same, they are different types. A BPO (Business process outsourcing)candidate needs quite a communication, basic computer and requires qualities of process. Whereas KPO (knowledge process outsourcing) candidates should have high professionally qualified and high level of skills. For BPO employees deals with technical support and customer services, etc. On the other side, for KPO employ deals with business and research, etc


5.Are you comfortable with rotational as well as a night shift?


Say always yes, if you are looking especially for international BPO for the sake of a different time zone, it is necessary for the night shift. A rotational shift does not mean that 9-5 rather maybe work early morning or late at night and maybe your off is not on weekends rather workdays.


6.What is a call center?


Customer care is known as a call center, a floor where incoming and outgoing calls are landing large numbers of calls with solutions to customer queries. More and more people are required for call centers. As a result, companies are looking for people who are friendly in nature, possess good communication skills, and can deliver the best customer service.


7.Do you think you can resolve the queries of customers on call?


It is one of the most frequently asked questions in the call center interview and might be challenging but to work with an organization you should prepare the do list and do not list. In this situation, you should listen to the whole queries of customers and provide the solution. Basically, they are checking the candidate's patience. Once you would keep continuing the working on-call it will become soothing.


8. How good is your computer knowledge?


You should have the knowledge of basic computers with at least an overview of MS word, MS Excel, and PowerPoint. Before going to the interview you should check the job description. Maybe the company requires high-level computer skills.


9. How good are your English skills?


Irrespective of whichever job you are interviewing the candidate must know the importance of English in a job career. If you are looking for a job in this industry, you must to a certain extent primarily understand the English language for career growth. In any job nowadays you must have to reach out to your senior or colleagues for any help, suggestion, or request then you need to speak English. speak always clearly, some mistakes of grammar are considerable although they are interrelated somehow relate to communication, and in this industry, communication is most important. And while you are looking for an international BPO then you need to speak fluent English. While answering BPO interview questions your speaking skills are tested.


10. Why do you want to make your career in BPO?


If you want to make a rescue of your career in this industry then it is your right choice. Every interviewer wants to know how passionate about the respective industry. As we know that the industry is always a booming industry where you can grow your career. you could get an opportunity to develop your personality and communication skills. you can do some research about the industry and you can mention the specific reason for the industry.


Now global outsourcing is growing day by day it will be the largest and the fastest industry in further with an immense increase in BPO Jobs. Nowadays every student wants to start their career in this industry though they can start after completing 12th or else they can work along with pursuing graduation. So, before going to an interview you just study or try to understand the motive of the answers. You will get your dream job soon. our good wishes to you.



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