5 Skills that will make you an efficient Digital Marketer

5 Skills that will make you an efficient Digital Marketer

Marketing industry is changing its face, and with that, we are becoming more familiar with the concept of Digital Marketing, individuals are now selecting a career in digital marketing since the scope and future of digital marketing is great and demand is very high. Nowadays, due to the huge Digital marketing scope, brands are investing more in digital channels to expand their reach to target customers and drive immense growth in their business. Hence the role of a digital marketer is more crucial these days. 

According to the statistics, as for 2020 there was a 13% increase in budget compared to August 2019 (11.9%). 



Now as the industry is evolving, the digital marketing scope is high and they should constantly adapt to the changes and learn the latest tools, skills required for that. As a matter of fact, we know that India lacks skilled labor which eventually results in a decrease in employment. The actual reason behind the lack of skilled labor is inefficient training in the core industry as well as a lack of knowledge in the latest skills. So make sure you are updated and well versed will the tools and key skills for Digital marketing. 




1.    SEO and Data Analytics

One of the key skills for Digital marketing is SEO. Search engine organization (SEO) has been used by marketers for many years. But as social media changes its algorithm continuously, SEO work format or strategies also changes in accordance with the constantly changing algorithms of Google. It is the process of ranking your website on the search engine result page on a particular keyword. To practice SEO there are the best SEO tools for your website you should learn to use before you make your career in Digital Marketing are:

        Data analysis is very important in this industry,  to know the revenue growth of the business, and to get information about the customers statistically. Marketers harness this information and use it in the optimization of online sales funnel and effective strategies. 


    2.    Social media marketing.

In social media marketing, content creation and curation both are essential factors. From small startups to large industries, everyone focuses on the social media presence which keeps their target audience engaged. 

Every like, comment and share is equally important. And how to get those lively interactions with customers is the responsibility of a marketer. Hence you should practice the best strategies to get more engagement from customers.

     3. UX designing 

With the expanding Digital Marketing scope, the need and jobs for graphic designers are increasing. UX designing is basically the user experience or user interface we design for our website. 

"Between the years 2016 and 2026 the graphic design industry growth rate could reach 4%. From the period mentioned above the industry will provide 11,000 employment. From research when the visitor visits the website it takes 50 microseconds to register a visual appeal. If the graphic is in poor quality 94% of the visitors might leave the website."

Just like Google updates its algorithm frequently, so does the design-trend in the industry keep on changing. To have a career in digital marketing one should have up-to-date knowledge while working on the user interface for their website. You don't want to increase your website's bounce rate, right??? So start from now, get proper technical knowledge about building a website, and keep up with the ongoing trends in designing websites. 


      4. Content writing 

“70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing.” 

Content Marketing is one of the most important key skills in digital marketing. It consists of blogging, creating infographics, even drafting a mail that needs advanced content writing skills. Good and informative content about your website, your service, or the product you are offering, definitely increases the engagement rate with your target audience. The trend of blogging has also changed. Earlier blogs with shorter lengths were more appreciated. But now Google has changed its ranking parameters for blogs or any type of content. Hence now you will find the blogs two-three times longer compared to the earlier ones. Content writing is not only about creation but also about curation. To be an efficient content writer one must know the importance of English in a job career and then start working on their writing skills by brainstorming and creating creative content for the company. Creating and curating, informative but at the same time, creative content is most important. An efficient content strategy can not only add value to lead generation but also increase the actual sales. 

5. Video marketing

Other key skills for digital marketing are Video Marketing. It comprises video projects, promotional videos, youtube videos, or youtube ads. Youtube has over a billion users, almost one-third of the total internet users. It is the fastest growing industry compared to others, also it is an influential strategy to leverage the maximum engagement of customers, resulting in lead generation as well as actual sales. This strategy is also totally based on creative thinking. Having correct knowledge about your target audience and what you are going to present them is of the utmost importance while making a video ad. I think there is a misconception among some marketers that you need expensive tools or some drones to capture amazing shots, but that is not a complete truth. Videos can be made by just text and graphics also. That is why this strategy needs the creative person in you, to think out of the box is important. 

Therefore to be an efficient digital marketer or thinking about making a career in digital marketing you need to learn all these skills in depth. And also keep in mind that the trends always keep changing, so be ready to adapt to the latest trends and strategies to fit in right for a digital marketing job.   

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