5 innovative ways to answer: Tell me about yourself!

5 innovative ways to answer: Tell me about yourself!

Every HR’s most liked and ice-breaking question: Tell me about yourself! A very simple yet an impression making question by which you are being judged on your confidence, enthusiasm and passion. It is very necessary that the answer should be engrossing, crisp and innovative to make a positive impression from the very beginning of the interview. Remember not to fumble, take pause, or stall while answering this question and do a good practice before the interview. Here I will suggest a few innovative ways to answer this question.

  • Start with a one-liner: This is what they will keep in their minds till the interview will get over. Emphasize on your whole life and draw a captivating one-liner like, “I believe that wherever I go whatever the weather be I bring my own sunshine”. This will make the interviewer(s) more interested about your stories and experiences which you had already prepared for the interview. These types of one-liners will also draw an overall picture of who you are as a person and what personality traits you bring to the table if you join their company. You can also pitch yourself using three words that describe you the most. This will grab their attention immediately. It will also demonstrate your ability to be concise, creative and compelling.

  • Start with a story: Start by narrating a story, like you have been preparing for this particular job from your schooling days. Encapsulate some specific achievement from school and college which shows your passion towards achieving this job and your seriousness of preparation for this job profile. While starting with a movie you can show that you are engaging, interesting and entertaining and in any situation you can capture the interest of others. Stories may begin with, “When I was ten years old, I always wanted to be…” this will show endurance and firmness in your thought process.

  • Start with explaining passion in your life: Starting with telling your passion will show your enthusiastic and energetic side. Make sure to have a story around your passion and how you developed your passion all your life as the central part of the answer. This type of start will build a positive aura around your personality and portray you as a determined person.

  • Third person narration: Start with a story narration like, “I know a boy who had…..”. The story should depict essential traits required for the job as well as qualities, end the story by telling them that this boy is you and tell them that this boy is ready to grab any opportunity to make the world acquainted with himself. Benefit of this method will be showcasing your ideas and innovation by storytelling as well as telling your positive qualities without being arrogant or proud.

  •  Tell them what people think of you: You can start by saying, “People who know me best say that I’m…” or “The compliment people give me most frequently is…” This will show what your external personality is as perceived by others. However be cautious while you state your personality as perceived by you yourself. Make sure both match up to a great extent.

Always be sure of your answer, be well prepared and these examples are just to open your mind to fresh answers, however the secret for a good interview is your thinking process on how relevant, interesting and conscious explanations you give which can make a boring or stress interview an exciting and unforgettable one for the interviewer. Think on your feet, never get nervous and speak crisply and creatively.

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