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Job Vacancy Result is a an HR Tech, ML, AI, Algorithm based research based platform. We at Job Vacancy Result strive to build a platform that stands for leadership, simplicity and diversity. We at Job Vacancy Results encourage you to innovate new realms, challenge your limits, support your peers and enhance your competency

Work Culture

We are a curious team of people with a zeal for doing something unconventional with a social responsibility. We offer you an organic culture with every employee having the freedom to put forward their ideas and work for its achievement with excellence under the supervision of the experienced mentors. We believe in changing perspectives towards work by making it fun. Job Vacancy Results believes in teamspirit. Connecting, sharing, and interacting with each other is just how we work here. By offering a rich blend of experienced mentors and compassionate colleagues, work with us becomes a holistic growth process with an excellent learning curve.

Life at Job Vacancy Result

We organize weekly fun events for employees that are currently scattered around different parts of the country to interact with each other and create a community of a kind. We understand the need for upskilling in this competitive world, so we provide content and programmes to nurture our employees, conduct webinars, remote team-building sessions and focus on developing critical thinking and problem solving abilities of our employees. We also focus on having a positive atmosphere where employees feel free to reach out to their mentors and colleagues to share their professional as well as personal problems. Hence, you build not only a rich network but long-term relations while working with us.

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  • Human Resource Executive
  • SEO/Content Writer
  • Marketing & Finance
  • Data Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Frontend, Backend & Full-stack developer
  • Market Research
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Technical roles

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Testimony of Our Employees

Sheena Rathore

Job Vacancy Result has helped me nurture my skills and think from different perspectives. Working here is fun, challenging and I enjoy every day at work thanks to the incredible team and mentors that guide me constantly and the cool work culture that the company has. The excitement of working at JVR is unparalleled.


Akhil Haridasan

JVR is more than just a company, a platform where I have had the chance to share my knowledge, a knowledge bank that helped me learn a wide range of technological aspects of Data, Data Science and Machine Learning, a source that molded my management skills to be a good leader.

Rhea Alok

My experience here at JVR has been good. There is plenty of space to experiment and contribute from scratch.

Yashika Dudeja

My experience at JVR has been great where handling end to end recruitment gave me a lot of confidence and a rise to my learning curve.

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