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We at Job Vacancy Result strive to build a platform that stands for leadership, simplicity and diversity. We at Job Vacancy Results encourage you to innovate new realms, challenge your limits, support your peers and enhance your competency.

JVR, a research based, cutting-edge HR Tech platform strives to establish a healthy ecosystem that bridges the gap between job seekers and job recruiters. It acts as a direct link between job recruiters and job seekers. JVR’s uniqueness is the filtration of White-Collar and Blue-Collar applicants as well as jobs. JVR has focused on adding value to the profiles of the Blue-Collar applicants as well to assist them gain the best opportunities out there.

The vision that any company holds is rooted in its story. The story of the process that adds different stakeholders into the concept of a mere idea. Idea to bring a change in the conventions and stereotypes held for long. The brain-child of a person with vision to serve and sketch a revolution in the existing system. JobVacancyResults is known for nothing but its rich blend of competence and social-sensitivity. The vision to create a platform where the needs of able candidates and HR recruiters got fulfilled has driven us a long way. Our brand speaks not only of an excellent degree of entrepreneurship but also the compassion which wraps within a will to serve the huge workforce of India, making them independent and bridging the gaps in the labour market with an ease.

Dated in 2019, when the founders laid the foundation of building on a company from a You Tube channel to 2020, where the brainchild grew to a family of 50 members with more than 25,0000 followers on Facebook, 3500+ followers on Linkedin, with a viewership of 4 on You Tube, JVR still seems to open different realms to serve it’s cause.

“After facing the pressures of unemployment on the Indian youth with a first-hand experience, the zeal to build JVR to ease the situation just deepened.”

- Founder, CEO, Sachin Yadav, JVR

As a HR Tech-company, we want to create an able platform to tap the blue-collar and the grey-collar segment along with the white-collar workforce segment. The vast enormity of the blue and grey segment gets ignored by the existing market players. Thus, we cater to the job requirements of a wider segment. And this creates a market niche for JVR.

“After looking at the current market segmentation, creation of Entry-Level jobs seems to be top in our charts.”

- Co-Founder, CMO, Sachin Chouhan, JVR.

We believe in creating long-term relationships between employers and their employees. JVR operates in real time basis with its deep screening processes to not only screen the candidate’s resumes to the correct stakeholders but also adds a multidimensional layer to the complete process of job-seeking and job-hiring. The algorithms exclusive to JVR work best to evaluate the market worth of the candidates applied with a 360 assessment. This aids the process. Candidates knowing their current skill-set can work on upgrading them or finding correct and relevant job profiles which gets them one-step closer to getting their dream job with JVR. On the other side, the hiring companies have a more en-grained knowledge about the candidates applying to, for jobs. This reduces their processing time to the right candidate for their companies. Hence, JVR works at creating solutions at both the fronts with its built-in technology.

With time, not only has our Alexa rankings improved, but also there has been a huge hike in the quality of human resource that works at JVR. We don’t believe in creating work for our staff but a wholesome experience of learning and growth at JVR. Levelling up productivity levels comes from the creation of a strong and well-knit team. Hence, the JVR team is a community of self-driven, compassionate people working to create a one stop for your complete career-growth.

“We have seen a tremendous growth from the past two years also this curve makes the team more future-oriented,”

- Muskan Bansal, Operations Head, JVR.

Work Culture

We are a curious team of people with a zeal for doing something unconventional with a social responsibility. We offer you an organic culture with every employee having the freedom to put forward their ideas and work for its achievement with excellence under the supervision of the experienced mentors. We believe in changing perspectives towards work by making it fun. Job Vacancy Results believes in teamspirit. Connecting, sharing, and interacting with each other is just how we work here. By offering a rich blend of experienced mentors and compassionate colleagues, work with us becomes a holistic growth process with an excellent learning curve.

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