Interview Questions for SEO Fresher with Answers

Interview Questions for SEO Fresher with Answers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a part of Digital Marketing and whenever a person starts an online business or sells his product online then the person must be familiar with SEO can increase the traffic of the website or webpage and also increase the chance of ranking in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

SEO is an important factor for any online business and one of the Top 5 online business ideas in India to make extra income. The statistics by Forbes cite Borrell Associates states that Organisations will be spending $80 billion on SEO services.

With increasing competition day by day in online business and investing huge amounts in SEO for ranking in search engine result pages, the job opportunity for SEO Analyst is also increasing at a high rate. 

Before starting with SEO Interview questions there are few questions that every student has to prepare irrespective of the industry which is necessary to crack any interview.

Here are 15 common SEO interview questions for freshers with answers and whenever you go, try to revise these questions and this will help you to crack the interview.


1. Tell me Something About SEO and what are the types?

When an interviewer asks this question then you simply tell that Search Engine Optimization can be used to increase the traffic of a website and also increase the visibility in search engine result pages (SERP).

Majorly it has 3 types:


Technical SEO

On-page SEO

Off-page SEO

It is the process to optimize your website with the help of crawling and indexing.

Process to optimize a particular page of your website to achieve better ranking in the SERP.

Whatever you can do outside of your website to achieve better ranking in the SERP, majorly depends on backlinks.


2. Where did you learn SEO and what is the need?

Basically, an interviewer wants to know that you can join a course and where you learn about it or any other thing that happens. So, in my opinion, Wherever you can learn about the subject just tell them and always tell the truth because the interviewer will immediately catch you whether you are telling the truth or lying, so, be honest.

The need is to generate revenue from websites, many types of businesses are there and all have different goals but the main purpose is to increase their revenue, improve your page ranking in SERP along with that increase the revenue as well as traffic.

3. What is Crawling and Indexing?




They are google robots and google can use it for collecting data over the internet.

The process to add every new page in the search engine whatever finds during crawling.


4. What is the difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO?


White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

It follows search engine guidelines for achieving the rank

It doesn’t follow search engine guidelines and trying to manipulate the rule for achieving the rank

Some examples of white hat practice are PBN, Hidden Text or Links, and Sneaky Redirects, etc.

Some examples of black hat practice are Keyword Analysis, Link building to improve popularity, and Guest Posting, etc.


5. What is the difference between Technical, On-page, and Off-page SEO?


Technical SEO

On-page SEO

Off-page SEO

Buy web hosting and domain

Find better keywords that help people to find your page with the help of Google keyword planner, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, etc.

Approach for a Guest Post on your competitor’s website.

Focus on page speed and try to improve your page speed always.

Add internal links wherever possible and external links wherever demanded in your article.

Analyze your competitor's work and it has to be done by domain level analysis and page-level analysis.

Design your website with a proper site structure with a navigation menu.

Used copyright images and before that optimize it first.

Find broken links in your competitor’s page and convince him to replace them with your links.

SSL Certificate is a very important way to increase your website’s authenticity.

Used your targeted keywords between 3 to 4% in the whole article.

Create backlinks with the help of a Private Blog Network (PBN).

Build your XML and HTML sitemap.

Publish your original content and use a Plagiarism checker to increase your authenticity.

Use social media, articles, and website submission forums to create backlinks.


6. Define Backlink and why it is important in SEO?

Since the future of the digital marketing industry is growing, the number of websites is increasing thus the competition among the marketers is also increasing. With the increase in competition, the website which has a good number and quality of backlinks has a lot of authenticities. In simple words, backlinks are nothing but a way through which traffic will come to your page easily, and with the help of this achieve ranking in SERP very easily and an SEO analyst uses various link building techniques for the website.

Importance of backlinks:

  • Improve trust on your website

  • Increase domain authority

  • Increase organic search ranking

  • Increase the referral traffic

7. Tell me the name of some tools which are used in digital marketing?

One of the most important SEO interview questions for freshers asked to know their practical knowledge about the subject. There are various tools that are used in SEO and the major tools are Google Analytics, Google search console, Google keyword planner, Ubersuggest, and Ahrefs, etc.

8. In which area we have to include keywords?

  1. Page Title

  2. Meta Description

  3. Body Text


9. Define Meta Tags and what 4 Meta tags?

It is basically snippets of text which describe your content summary in an attractive way and if this text is attractive then persons come to your page.

Below 4 Meta tags used:

  1. 150 character limits of Description Meta tags.

  2. 200 character limits of Keyword Meta tags.

  3. 60 character limits of Title Meta tags.

  4. Meta Robots.

10. What do you know about Page Authority(PA) and Domain Authority(DA)?

PA is a score developed by Moz that predicts about your page, which is able to rank in SERP or not, and the score is in between 1 to 100, higher the score predicts the high chance for ranking your page.


In simple words, DA is also a score developed by Moz that explains about our website, which is able to rank or not.

11. Tools used to increase the traffic of your websites?

Another important SEO interview questions are the tools used. When we talk about traffic then it depends on the quality and not the quantity of your content. There are top 5 SEO tools used by an SEO Analyst which are there to help increase the traffic on websites and also will help you to look at some other aspects of your website like broken links, site audit, etc.

12.Tell me about 5 ways to boost traffic to your website?

Traffic means more revenue but it is not easy to increase traffic and it depends upon the quality of content not the quantity of content. So, the way to increase the traffic of your website is

  1. Write a catchy title that attracts the viewers

  2. Do proper research on keywords and use targeted keywords

  3. On-page is very important to give more attention to it

  4. Backlinks are a major factor to increase the traffic to your website

  5. Website speed is also a factor and makes sure whether your site is responsive or not.

13. Why are Keywords important?

Keywords are an important part of on-page and an SEO analyst focuses on keyword research for website optimization. Keywords are like a connection between what people can search and for your websites, the right keywords give you a lot of traffic to your website.

There are a lot of tools that can help you to find targeted keywords, including Google’s free Google Keyword Planner and paid tools like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, SEMrush, etc.

14.Why use long-tail keywords?

Using long-tail keywords is a good strategy used by an SEO analyst because long-tail keywords are more specific, it contains 2 to 3 keywords itself and by using it, increases the chance of ranking, and also it gets less traffic but the conversion rate is very high.


15. Difference between Do follow the link and No follow link?


Do-Follow Link

No, Follow Link

It allows link juice to pass from one domain to another.

It doesn’t allow link juice to pass from one domain to another.

More valuable 

Less valuable



The above top 15 common SEO interview questions for freshers who are applying for an SEO analyst are very basic and compulsory to be asked by an interviewer. Since it is a part of Digital marketing. There are various other skills to be an efficient digital marketer which will help you grow your company digital.

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