5G Technology and its Upcoming Effects

5G Technology and its Upcoming Effects

Did you remember the time when it almost used to take an hour for us to download a 5 MB song? I remember those days when we used to wait for the E symbol to appear at the top of our phone's display while we were using the internet over the 2G network. The network standards have raised a lot since then as a result there has been a great increase in networking jobs in the market currently.


For downloading a movie of 200 MB those days means waiting for an entire day. Those days were awesome when we got 50 MB data for 5 rupees and even we were not able to consume those 50 MB data completely at the end of the day, but right now even 2 GB data seems like nothing for a day.


We have come a long way since then, from the era of the 2G network, we gradually shifted to 3G, and then came 4G which is being used in the present time. There was also a time between 3G and 4G when in some Nokia phones we used to get a 3.5G, especially in Nokia N series and E series phones. And now the world is moving towards the 5G network technology which will help in the rapid growth of the IT industry with the promises to accelerate cellular data transfer speeds from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps and beyond.


Changes from 4G to 5G -

There is a saying that “change is the law of nature” and it suits best in the field of technology as it changes every day. There are new and improved versions of previous technology introduced to the word for faster and better performance. Likewise, operating standards and hardware for networks have also been improved a lot. Right now we are moving from the 4th generation of networking stands to the 5th generation of it. This change from 4G to 5G network technology can be understood as moving from typewriter to computer. These are the changes and future of 5g technology that are seen with this technological improvement.


  • It is added lower and higher frequencies to the spectrum compared to 4G.

  • It can handle 1 million devices, while 4G could handle 100,000 per square kilometer.

  • It has cellular data transfer speeds from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps and beyond.

  • It supports billions of devices, with almost no latency speed.

  • It is twenty times faster than 4G.


5G network effects will be seen in the following areas -


1. IoT - Internet of Things


The IoT is the interconnected devices being used presently in the industries and manufacturing sectors for tracking, smart home devices to connect together to work efficiently and can be controlled from any device as they are interconnected. But the current wifi technology or 4G technology struggles when multiple devices are connected to them. The future of 5G technology and 5G network effects would be a great evolution for IoT as it is much faster.


2. Smart Cities


Technology 5G will be a step ahead to achieve the dream of smart cities with the help of high-speed internet and the ability to handle data from millions of IoT devices. Smart cities can use it to smartly manage all the devices which are interconnected and much more. For example, smart lights energy consumption can be reduced by dimming the lights accordingly when not in use. An Accenture Strategy report of 2017 predicts that one of the 5G network effects is being used to manage traffic and power consumption could save cities the amount of $160 billion. This technology 5g will also provide networking job opportunities.


3. Self Driving Cars


According to a report of the National Highway Traffic Administration, nearly 95% of the traffic accidents are caused due to human errors and if the cars could be made self-driven then it will save 1.25 million lives every year. Some automobile industries like Tesla, Mercedes, etc are working on self-driving cars that use Al and ML, which also creates biotechnology job opportunities, and for them to be fully automated low-latency 5G network technology is very useful.


4. Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality can make watching live cricket matches, football finals, Super Bowl, and other content so easy without even going outside our home. All these can be possible with technology 5G and faster data transfers, high-bandwidth, and low latency users can experience content in their homes and feel like they are there in real life.


5. Healthcare 


5G network technology will be a great help in the healthcare sector too. You can schedule a video meeting with your doctor without even going to hospitals. With HD calls, your doctors will be able to check your most health issues and recommend them accordingly from home. Not only this, but doctors will also be able to perform surgeries from the types of equipment that can be controlled remotely. This is all possible due to the low latency high-speed internet.

The future of 5G technology is a revolution in network technology, although these changes won’t happen overnight, it will take time as it is being installed in some limited cities around the world, and devices which are capable of it are also limited into the market and are very costly. It took almost a decade for 4G to establish in the market completely, and 5G might take even longer to become the dominant cellular technology, but once it is fully established the future of 5g technology will be incredible and also internet users' experience is completely going to change.


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