3 ways to answer- “Tell me about yourself for Fresher”

3 ways to answer- “Tell me about yourself for Fresher”

Be it an interview for a Customer Service Representative, a Software Engineer, or a Marketeer, one question any candidate appearing for an interview should be sure to expect: “Tell me about yourself or introduce yourself”! This is one of the questions that every student has to prepare for an interview. This usually would be the first question by the interviewer after he has made you feel comfortable in the chair and the course of the interview is set based on your response. Now that it’s so obvious, a little homework from our end would be like the cherry on the cake! And believe us, the winners and the go-getters take this question seriously. If not crafted with care, the answer to this question might reveal your innermost fears and deepest secrets. While answering the tell me about yourself make sure you know the importance of proper English speaking skills for the job career and be prepared with good communication skills because the way you communicate your answer to the interviewer will define yourself. An ideal answer to introduce yourself would be structured, outcome-oriented, and attempting to put you in a good light. We are sharing a few approaches to tell me about yourself for freshers to let the interviewer know that you’re above others.

1) Start with Strength when you introduce yourself:

Start mentioning your strengths for self-introduction in the interview. This is a technique for advanced speakers and experienced interviewees. Start speaking about your strengths to introduce yourself. This may seem a little out of the way and somebody in the back may even start yelling “No, no! You’re stupid!” Hear us out sir, we’ll prove you otherwise. An average human’s attention span lasts anywhere between 1-2mins after posing a question. After those two minutes, he’s just waiting for you to stop. It is essential to capture the attention within those two minutes and make them interested in you. Speaking about your strengths is a sure way to ensure you grab their attention in the initial stages and keep them hooked. When you mention your strength during a self-introduction interview, you should brief an instance to prove each strength you tell. Also, to refine it further you could brief instances chronologically from the beginning of your college/first job according to the strengths you possess. A story out of these strengths is a must and try not to be robotic. As said, this is for experienced speakers and if you're a beginner, scroll down.

2) Start reverse chronologically

When it comes to answering, tell me about yourself for freshers rather than telling about your career chronologically, do it reverse chronologically. Don’t worry if you’re fresh out of college graduate. Introduce yourself with how you got into the college and the roles and responsibilities you executed there. Mention a few learnings/failures and tell them how you overcame them. Once you think you’ve finished telling him about college, talk about your high school and add a dash of personal life (hobbies and any sport). Don’t forget to keep yourself calm with adequate pauses at the right places in the self-introduction interview. If spoken properly, this might work even better than the first strategy and will drive the interview based on this introductory question. 

3) The classic chronology

This is by far the easiest to prepare and answer. Tell about yourself chronologically in the order of events..but here lies the key, storytelling! Weave your personal and professional life into a three-four minute story. During the self-introduction interview tell them the reasons for your transition from one role to another, the learnings from a certain responsibility, and your failures. A failure is a must in everyone's story and it's necessary that you learn from the failure. 

Knowing about yourself and tips and tricks to crack an interview is necessary before attending any interview. If you do not know why you're in front of the interviewer, he won't see value in hiring you. Makes sense right! Perform a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis upon yourself before you start preparing for an interview. This would go a long way. These are the easiest ways to answer the deadly “Tell me about yourself for fresher / Introduce Yourself” depending on where you stand as an interviewee.


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