As a recruiter, what was the craziest demand made by a potential hire?

As a recruiter, what was the craziest demand made by a potential hire?

Recruiters are the persons responsible for talent acquisition and hiring the right candidate for the company. He is responsible for getting the best-suited candidate for the job, along with having to allocate minimum resources. A potential hire is a candidate applying for a job role. He has the qualifications and experience that fits either the organization or the job. To get the best ‘organization-employee’ or ‘job-employee’ fit, both recruiters and potential hires strive to get the best out of the situation. 

During the process of hiring the right candidate, the power of bargain lies in either the hands of the recruiter or the potential hire, depending on the situation and industry. In sectors where the demand for candidates is lower than the supply, recruiters have more power to bargain. In the industry where either the demand for employees is more than the supply or the qualifications, experience, or expertise required for the job, potential hire gains more power.

One such industry is the sports industry, where the level of expertise and experience determines the success of the team, potential hires gain limited but more power over recruiters. Moreover, the growing demand and popularity of sports as a whole and branding players as role models have also boosted their confidence. They are seen as Gods by their fans, which sometimes helps them to perform well for the team. But sometimes it leads them to make either unreasonable or crazy demands. As a recruiter, this poses a dilemma as to whether to fulfill the demand and hire the player or to reject the player and have the possibility of bearing opportunity cost. Nonetheless, recruiters have faced a lot of crazy demands in the industry since the recruiting industry is growing rapidly.

One such example is by famous sports person Neymar, a successful 27-year footballer who moved from Barcelona to PSG (Paris Saint Germain) in the year 2017 for 222 million euros, which is considered to be the world's most expensive transfer. Being on the route to becoming one of the best footballers of all time, he too could leverage his expertise to make a crazy demand. In his case, the demand included all-expense-paid travel for his family and friends to brazil every two months, so that he can spend time with them. The club agreed to it given the value, growth, and profit prospects Neymar carried with him.

Apart from him, there are others who have made crazy demands from the club. German striker Giuseppe Reina made a demand that the club will build a house for him for every year he was with the club when he joined Arminia Bielefeld. Though this demand was tackled by the club in a very smart way, they built him 3 Lego houses for three years of contract as he failed to mention the size of the house.

Then there are some demands that seem crazy for the world but have a rationale behind them. One such clause was by Arsenal superstar Dennis Bergkamp who put a ‘No-fly’ clause in his contract. It was because of his phobia of flying.

In a nutshell, it is observed that if a person has expertise power, he can either use it for his benefit or may make unreasonable crazy demands to their recruiters.


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