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100000 - 100000 P.A.
Freshers Work From Home

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Job Description

Does sleeping on the job sound like a dream job to you?

Can you sleep through just about anything? Do you think you have it in you to be the best competitive sleeper in the country? If yes, then you could win up to 10 lakhs.

Equipment: On selection, interns will receive a Wakefit mattress. A mode of tracking, integration of an app will be arranged for every sleep intern.

Location: From the comfort of your own home.

Official Website Apply URL link - https://wakefit.co/sleepintern/job-apply

Basic Qualifications:

A history of falling asleep in class, during meetings and calls is considered to be a valuable experience.

Strong point of view on bedroom and home aesthetics and should have tricks and tips up his/her sleeve on creating the perfect sleep environment.

An affinity to pass time apart from screens, and should indulge in activities such as reading, listening to meditative music and other unplugged activities that promote good sleep.

Motivation to sleep deeply and for the full nine hours on all nights, not just weekends.

Should be well versed with the nuanced benefits of a nap and the art of taking a siesta.

A healthy appreciation of bedroom products and a relevant knowledge in the right features that make for good sleep products.

A compelling need to track sleep and fitness habits.

A love for beverages and meals that induce sleepiness, such as rice or chamomile.

Preferred Qualifications:

A completed degree in any field.

A strong sense of self control while scrolling through social feeds and the ability to curb binge watching, even at a season finale level.

Should be able to fall asleep within 10-20 minutes of hitting the pillow - or any flat sleeping surface.

Should have a sleep conducive lifestyle - no late night snacking, excessive intake of caffeine or alcohol. A fitness regimen is a bonus.

A curiosity for all things sleep, with sleep tips at his/her fingertips.

A newfound propensity to fall asleep during virtual calls or meetings.

A new approach of dressing and remaining in pyjamas/shorts/nightclothes 24/7.

2020 Report: 

23 people clinch that dream job: ‘sleep 9 hours for 100 nights, earn ₹1 lakh’

Start-up Wakefit’s call for ‘sleep interns’ draws over 1.7 lakh applications


Amit Chaturvedi(Bhopal, India)

This is more than an internship for Amit and he takes it very seriously. His wife envies his ability to sleep and now is even more envious that he is earning while he sleeps.


Mridu Bhattacharya(Greater Noida, India)

Mridu comes from Greater Noida and has so many passions, she can hardly keep track. She's into Digital Marketing but her love and passion for sleep trumps her dedication to work. She believes in living life one day at a time, but each to the fullest.


Nikita Goel(Delhi, India)

Nikita is a Public Health Nutritionist and lives in Delhi, working in the Development Sector of TATA Trusts. She loves to dance and craft work and aspires to be a social media influencer. We've always seen her in jammies and we're fairly certain her hobbies include sleeping.


Rahul Sridhar(Chennai, India)

A young, up and coming stand up comedian, Rahul is all of 25. He dabbles with comedy, improvs, sketches and teaches public speaking at an educational company he started a few years ago. This impressive comedian resides in Chennai.

Samata Ukil(Bengaluru, India)

Samata is a proud Bengali, born and brought up in Kolkata. She did her post graduation in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from Xavier Institute of Communication. She has been working as a PR professional in Bangalore for the past 4 years, currently handling PR for Flipkart at Edelman India. She claims sleep has been with her through thick and thin and her favourite hobby is to travel to different places to feel what it would be like to sleep there.

2020 Season 1 (Interview): Click here 



The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate thrives in the new normal of work from home way of life. With continuous access to his own bed, he loves a nap or two and finds a way to make his work environment as cosy and comfortable as possible. They are adept in efficient strategies to fall asleep in the shortest time possible.



Skills Required: Internship,Sleeping,Sleep