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Guest Relations Executive

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0-3 Years Full Time

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Job Description

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Guest Relations Executive Duties and Responsibilities.

  • Training and supporting office staff.
  • Schedule shifts for hotel staff
  • Ensure great customer experience.
  • Handle customer complaints
  • Supervising staff and all front desk activities including bookings, appointments, phone calls, and emails.
  • Conducting performance reviews with the front desk staff.
  • Generating reports and feedback for presentation to the general manager.
  • Verifies that accurate room status information is maintained and properly communicated.
  • Guest Relations Executive will have a thorough understanding of the equipment theyre working with.
  • GRE will watch the video surveillance footage is its being recorded.
  • GRE will be focused and observant so that whenever they witness something unusual, suspicious or questionable they are able to make a detailed note of it and report the same.
  • If a GRE sees something illegal on one of their monitors, they will contact the appropriate person at the appropriate time. The same will be documented in the logbook.
  • GRE would generate a report daily for each property.
  • GRE would have front office knowledge.
  • Full understanding of hotel PMS
  • Thorough understanding of front office SOPs Check in, check out, early check in, late check, room upgradation, etc.

Guest Relations Executive Skills.

  • Attention to Detail - GRE will be able to identify small, seemingly insignificant details that most people would overlook.
  • Ability to Multitask -Even when a GRE receives a phone call or has to speak to a colleague, they will always be keeping an eye on the monitors.
  • Ability to Work Independently - GRE will not interact with very many people. Because it is important that theyre able to work and stay alert without constant supervision.
  • Communication Skills - Guest Relations Executive will have adequate written and verbal communication skills.
  • Radio Communication Systems - GRE will communicate with Security Guards, Supervisors, or Managers via a radio receiver/as assigned/as provided.


  • 5+ years as front desk manager in 4/5-star hotel
  • Hotel management degree