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Drupal Developer

Ebizon Net Info Pvt Ltd
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0-2 Years Full Time

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Job Description

  • Accountable for complex Drupal development tasks, including custom module development using the Drupal API system and hooks from major Drupal core systems
  • Responsible for understanding how system functions contribute to the strategic direction of the business and the ability to make valuable contributions
  • Accountable for solving problems effectively by gathering insight from team members, ensuring that they have all the information they need for accurate analysis and consideration, involving them, and supporting them as needed
  • Accountable to identify, analyze, and solve problems systematically; look for root causes, not just symptoms of the problem; weigh pros and cons of actions and decide when to escalate issues
  • Responsible for documenting incidents and issues for communication and reference purposes
  • Responsible PHP and SQL administration and code optimization


  • Minimum 2+ years of Drupal experience.
  • Experience using Git source code versioning and Pull Requests
  • Experience with Drupal development technologies such as Drush, Configuration Management, and Composer
  • Excellent Site Building skills, building and updating websites using Drupal 8/9.
  • Strong English communication and team collaboration skills

Nice to Have:-

  • Actively contributing to Drupal or other open-source projects
  • Experience providing technical consulting and support
  • Experience with cloud-based infrastructure and large scale application deployment
  • Experience with Drupal-adjunct techniques such as the LAMP platform, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, and JavaScript
  • Experience with other content management systems and open-source technologies

Skills Required: Consulting, Javascript, PHP