Fresher Jobs

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Wipro HR Services India Pvt Ltd
200000 - 275000 P.A.
0-2 Years Full Time
Mumbai, Maharashtra, IN
Communication Skills,BPO,Telecalling,Voice Process...

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HR Executive / Recruitment executive / HR Analyst / Staffing analyst

Black and White Business Solutions Private Limited
Not Disclosed
0-3 Years Full Time
Bangalore, Karnataka, IN
Strong Communication skills,MS Excel,BPO,Computer ...

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Recruitment for Airport Ground Staff and Flight Attendant

Guha Aviation
18000 - 25000 P.M
0-2 Years Full Time
Calcutta, West Bengal, IN
Aviation,Air Hostess,Ground Staff,Flight Attendant...

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Telemarketing Executive

Trident Finserv
200000 - 300000 P.A.
0-2 Years Full Time
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IN
Communication Skills,Telecalling,Outbound Sales,In...

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CSA Supervisor

Mouser Electronics India
2,00,000 - 2,50,000 P.A.
0-3 Years Full Time
Bangalore, Karnataka, IN
Strong Communication skills,Team Building...

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Customer support associate

2,00,000 - 2,50,000 P.A.
0-2 Years Full Time
Bangalore, Karnataka, IN
Strong Communication skills...

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If you have just graduated from college and want to start working, then you’ll be termed as a Fresher. The job market is very narrow in case of Fresher Jobs. Even experienced professionals are facing difficulty in finding a job. Therefore, if you are facing problems in your job search, you are not alone.

Usually, hiring in the job market is by companies who ask for experienced individuals. So, the biggest dilemma for a fresher is to look for Job Vacancy for Freshers – where no experience is required. But this is difficult and can limit your options. You need to prepare a strategy through which you gain experience and lose that ‘Fresher’ tag.

We have listed some of the problems experienced by individuals while searching for Jobs for Freshers.

What are the best roles to apply for as a Fresher?

As a fresh graduate, with not even any professional experience, you have good chances of landing a job if you show any past internship experience, accomplishments attained during schooling, graduation or any other projects you did along with your studies. Also, your potential for hard work is a key asset that any company may want to tap into. Companies are always eager to utilise your zeal for work but also for young blood having fresh ideas. Few of the top job roles which have Job Vacancy for Freshers are listed below:
• Software Engineer or other IT- sector job
• HR executive
• Digital Marketer
• Research Assistant
• Business development executive
• Content Writer

Top companies that provide Jobs for Freshers?

Every year, many companies conduct campus hiring or college placements or job events and walk-in interview drives to hire fresh graduates, and even pay them good packages too.

Some of the top companies which have Jobs for Freshers are:
• American Express
• MakeMyTrip
• Amazon
• Accenture
• Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
• Genpact

How to create a Resume that gets a Fresher his first Job?

The most critical part of a job search is building a Resume. As a fresher, you might be clueless as to what should be written on a resume. You don’t have any special technical skills for the job. The only thing in your arsenal is your educational background, right? Wrong. There are actually a number of skills you should mention in your resume which can help you increase your chances of getting hired.

For Fresher Jobs, having a previous experience of internship can get you to the top of the pile. So, make sure to mention it, even if it was a short duration work.

Industry/Market Knowledge: Always present an updated Resume with any contribution you may have done in your field of work. Always keep yourself up to date with latest industry developments. You can be asked about it during the interview.

Soft Skills: Recruiters look for people who can get by even with less qualification but have strong written, spoken and even non-verbal (such as your body language, your posture, your handshakes, etc.) skills. So, work on your personality.

Team player: Companies or organizations do not work in silos. Team projects are the way to work. Your past experience in working with teams in college or school where you played a leadership role is a good value addition to your CV.

Out-of-Box Thinking: Another quality highly valued in today’s time is creative thinking. Handling tricky situations with solutions shows your creative bent of mind. This separates you from the crowd.

Working under pressure: There is pressure and work- stress everywhere, if you are someone who works well under pressure, then mention it on your resume.

Last but not the least, Confidence. It is the biggest skill that you need to possess and mention in your CV to work in any field. Job Vacancy for Freshers are many, you need to be patient and have confidence in your ability to get a job.

How to get a job as a fresher?

With the rising competition in the job market and lack of experience or little experience makes job search for Fresher jobs a frightening process. However, with the right technique, good internship, existing skill set and a few finishing touches on your personality can help you get an edge over others competing in this rat race against you.

Jobs for Freshers ask you for your resume and other documentation, so make sure you have all the required stuff handy. Always remember that the recruiter gives less than a minute to each resume and so present a decluttered resume with clear, concise and relevant information.

Prepare for interviews, whether it is telephonic, video or in person. Have self-confidence in the way you present yourself. Note to read up on the company and prepare for potential interview questions.

Once you go through each of these tips, give your best but always keep it in mind that giving job interviews is also a learning experience, and don’t let fear intimidate you. With your first job you can get entry into the industry and then have a long and gratifying career ahead.